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Regardless of whether it’s an apartment in the luxurious Downtown district, an exclusive villa in Jumeirah Islands, or a modern apartment with a view of Dubai Marina, TOP G Real Estate L.L.C. ensures the protection of you and your family during the search for the perfect property in Dubai.


The Cost of Real Estate in Dubai

Dubai’s real estate prices vary significantly depending on the location. In the city center, the average cost per square meter can be quite high, while it significantly decreases in areas outside the city center. In a pleasant neighborhood, one can purchase a one-bedroom apartment of approximately 70 square meters at a rather affordable price. If you’re looking for smaller options, studio apartments can be found at even lower prices.

Investment Returns from Dubai's Property Market

When it comes to generating income from property, the most popular model in Dubai is short-term tourist rentals. The peak tourist season in Dubai spans from September to April. Given the constant influx of visitors from across the globe, the market for property management services is both well-developed and professionalized. The return on investment can range from 5% to as much as 18% for short-term rentals of strategically located properties, with an average return estimated to be around 9.5%. It’s also important to note that income generated in Dubai is not taxed

Legal Regulations and Tax Benefits in Dubai's Real Estate Market

The government of the United Arab Emirates provides a highly regulated market that helps maintain stability, making it an investor-friendly environment. In Dubai, there are clear rules regarding deposit amounts, rent caps, and rent increase calculators. Legal regulations offer the advantage of no property ownership or rental taxes, with just a 5% VAT. A one-time fee is paid to the Dubai Land Department when purchasing a property. Also, foreign investors can apply for a 3-year investor visa if they purchase a property worth a certain amount. This visa permits permanent residence in Dubai, enables one to open a bank account, and offers the same rights as any other resident.

Short and Long-Term Rentals in Dubai

Economic growth and the demand for skilled professionals mean many people are relocating to the United Arab Emirates, creating a market for attractive rental properties. Owning a property can be a great way to generate passive income from rental. While long-term rentals are common, short-term rentals tend to be more profitable. Given that Dubai is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide, apartments for rent are always in high demand. Dubai offers numerous attractions like the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, the renowned Dubai Fountains, the Dubai Desert, the largest shopping and entertainment center in the world – the Dubai Mall, and the historic district of Al Fahidi.


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